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Karma is the great law of God; in fact, it is part of God Itself. It is through the workings of this law that the different aspects of the Absolute move back to their source through time and experience. Lord Buddha described karma as, “Action and reaction are opposite and equal.” The Master Jesus taught the same law in different words: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Simply put in modern terms, what you give out you receive back.

Put out selfishness and negativity and one gets this back, until such a time that one learns to act otherwise. Put out love and healing, and one gets these energies back.

The effect of this law, which applies to every aspect of Creation, is to teach one to move back towards God. It is, in the words of Dr. King, “pressure towards conformity.” Much has been written on this subject over the centuries. The more evolved beings study this all-pervasive law and use it in all their actions. It is central to many of the advanced world missions being performed for mankind by The Aetherius Society. At this unique point in our history, the pressures of karma on earth are reaching an all-time high. This is due to the karmic pressure of the Mother Earth to evolve, to use the energies that she was given in 1964. Yet much of humanity is not ready for this heightened vibration. The Masters are doing what they can to speed up mankind’s journey through karma. It is up to all of us to do our part as well.


Reincarnation is the mechanism whereby a given consciousness can learn and evolve using different bodies through an extended time period. The journey back to the Absolute will take billions of years. Just to master the lessons available in an earth body can take thousands of years, and in mankind’s case millions of years. Yet the current earth body can only last less than 100 years. Reincarnation is a way to continue one’s lessons through numerous human forms, until the lessons available on earth have been mastered.

We must not take for granted the part a planet plays in our lives. At this point in our evolution we need a planet to live on to protect us from the rigors of space, a planet on which to reincarnate, material with which to create for ourselves a body to experience life through. The Mother Earth has provided such a haven for us for millions of years.


 World Karma

A dictator in a third world country committing terrible atrocities will, of course, bring the pressure of karma to bear on himself and all who carry out his orders. However, everyone on earth is also partly responsible. Many know about his evil acts yet do not take action, whatever that may be, to stop it. And even those who do not know consciously about these actions are also partly responsible, as the higher part of the individual does know.

We are, as we have been told many times in the past, our brother’s keeper. The pressure of karma will continue to work to get this message into us, until it is well rooted. On the positive side, as a member of mankind does good work for others, this too is reckoned in our worldwide karma. As a part of our group soul acts, we are all affected. In fact one of the greatest actions that a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth performs is to stay back on earth to help mankind. Since he is still a member of mankind, this therefore helps raise the karma of all mankind.

A positive karmic pattern for a group will help an individual within that group learn his own karmic lessons by providing a more conducive environment. Logically the greater the act performed for mankind the greater the positive karmic manipulation.

One of the great benefits of Operation Sunbeam, a world mission performed by The Aetherius Society, is in its positive manipulation of world karma.

 The Mother Earth

The Earth has long been revered by the indigenous peoples all over the world. Even the scientists of today are ready to believe that the earth truly is a living, breathing entity. Another cycle comes to a close. Through the centuries the scientific and logical minds that took mankind away from this reverence for our home planet are now returning to this elevated thought. The resurgence of this innate belief in a living, compassionate Mother earth is just the beginning of a true appreciation of the vastness of this holy Being.

After millions of lives evolving through the experiences afforded on the more advanced planets, a life stream slowly starts to merge with other similarly evolved beings. Eventually, this combined entity is born as a planet. This is but another step along the road back to the Absolute Itself.

When one begins to realize that the earth is indeed a sentient and holy Being many thoughts crystallize in one’s mind. We owe a tremendous debt to this Being. She gives us sustenance. She gives us a home in the midst of cold, empty space – a home suitable for gaining experience at our current level of evolution.

Knowing that she has been given tremendous energies which she can use to rise to her next level of existence and that she is holding up the use of this energy for as long as possible – for our benefit – is truly the key to understanding the coming New Age and our place in it.

The Masters know this and are working hard to help mankind evolve quickly, so that earth can take her rightful place in the heavens with as much of humanity being able to stay as possible.

The Primary Initiation of Earth

There is one event in our history that, more than any other single event, defines both the time in which we now live and our future. This event is the Primary Initiation of Earth. This great cosmic happening took place on July 8th, 1964. At this time the Mother Earth, an evolved, sentient being, received colossal spiritual energy – energy that she must use to take her next step along her path of evolution.

Mankind, because of its preoccupation with materialism, did not even detect this momentous happening. That such an important spiritual happening took place on our own planet and passed us by without our notice highlights the tremendous gulf between earthman and the more evolved Masters upon other worlds. The advanced spiritual Masters knew of and were completely focused on this holy Initiation, when between 10:00 p.m. and 10:57 p.m. PDT colossal spiritual energies were manipulated into the inner core of the advanced Goddess upon which we all live. For now, this energy is being held within the earth in a state of dormancy. This is fortunate for mankind, for if she were to utilize the full potential of this energy immediately, it would so quicken the vibrations of her body that the majority of humanity could not continue to live upon her. Compassionately she has chosen to delay using this energy for as long as possible, to let a greater portion of humanity raise their vibrations to withstand this quickening when it comes.

In their own disparate ways, many of the prophets of old foresaw this great change to our planet and our civilization. There are many upon earth today who have also realized the importance of these times. From Nostradamus to the Mayans of old and from the scientists of today to the New Age seekers – all have realized, in their own ways, the vital times in which we live. Many can feel, in one way or another, the reflection of this one great happening to our Earth, her Primary Initiation, and its impending change to our lives.

With their broader perspective, the advanced spiritual Masters on earth and other worlds see this period as a golden opportunity – a pivotal karmic moment in time! Now is a time when great manipulations on behalf of millions of humans are possible and can bring tremendous good.

These are indeed the most important days of our collective lives!

 The Next Master

The following prophecy was pronounced by a spiritually evolved extraterrestrial known as a Lord Of Karma on Sunday, November 23rd, 1958 at approximately 2:30 p.m. GMT.

It was delivered in a physical voice to Dr. George King on a holy mountain named Brown Willy in Cornwall, England. This was the second mountain Charged through Dr. George King in the world mission known as Operation Starlight. Directly following this charging, Dr. King was asked to stand on a certain place atop Brown Willy.

It was then that this historic proclamation was made.

"There will shortly come Another among you.

He will stand tall among men with a shining countenance. This One will be attired in a single garment of the type now known to you. His shoes will be soft-topped, yet not made of the skin of animals.

He will approach the Earth leaders. They will ask of Him, His credentials. He will produce these.

His magic will be greater than any upon Earth - greater than the combined materialistic might of all the armies. And they who heed not His words, shall be removed from the Earth.

This Rock is now Holy - and will remain so for as long as the World exists.

Go ye forth and spread My Word throughout the World, so that all men of pure heart may prepare for His coming."

A Lord of Karma
November 23, 1958


Further information about the coming of the next Master is available in a lecture given by Dr. King, The Next Master is Coming

The "single garment of the type now known to you." is a type of spacesuit commonly described by many who have had close encounters with extraterrestrials. They are one-piece suits that seem to cling to the body of the extraterrestrial and do not wrinkle as the being moves.

This Master will arrive on Earth in a spacecraft, openly. Unlike previous Cosmic Masters such as the Master Jesus, the Lord Krishna and others, he will be allowed by Karmic Law to use his great powers. There will be no question of who he is and where he came from.

The coming of this great Avatar, will be a pivotal point in the New Age. After his coming, those who are not ready to go forward into the era of Light - the New Age - will slowly be removed from the Earth to be reborn on another less evolved planet. They will then continue to learn through experience, only under much more difficult conditions than are now present on Earth. All who are ready will stay upon Earth and join together to build for themselves the much prophesied New Age.

The next Master will come to Earth only when the time is right, as decided by the Karmic Lords. It could be within ten years or it could be a hundred years or even longer. It depends on humanity's progress. When humanity evolves to a certain stage, and enough people are firmly on the ladder of spiritual growth, then the karma will be such that he can come.

When this Cosmic Master does come, this will not be the end of our worries and work - far from it. This will be the time when our real work starts. It will then be the task of all spiritual workers to rally around this one both when he is here and after he has left, in order to help as many people as possible evolve and stay on Earth to join in the dawning of the New Age.

It is important for all New Age workers, no matter where they are, or what name of God they follow, to redouble their efforts now during this crucial time, in order to help pave the way for the coming of this next Avatar.

 The Cosmic Concept – A New View of Our Universe

At this significant point in the history of mankind, the Cosmic Masters have chosen to release a new level of understanding and wisdom to those who are ready on Earth.

This wisdom in no way invalidates or replaces the wisdom given to mankind in the past by the great teachers such as Shri Krishna, Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus. These beings and several more, were also Cosmic Masters from advanced worlds sent to Earth to help mankind in the best way possible when they came.

The basic laws of creation are eternal and unchangeable. However, humanity's recent scientific advancement has allowed the Cosmic Masters to add to the spiritual truths of old, and reveal a greater part of the true nature of the Universe in which we live.

 The Spiritual Energy

One way that everyone can help others rise and grow is to send out to them a stream of uplifting spiritual energy through prayer and healing. Unfortunately, there is much confusion as to what exactly spiritual energy is and how it can be tapped into and used.

Spiritual energy is a form of subtle energy not well known to scientists on earth. The Chi or Ki of Chinese acupuncture is a form of this subtle energy. The seemingly miraculous capabilities of psychics are a result of their ability to detect this subtle energy. There are many frequencies of this energy. The higher frequencies are uplifting and healing and helpful, while the lower frequencies, such as those frequencies used in voodoo or black magic rituals, can be damaging and hurtful.

Just as our current civilization uses electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic waves, the more advanced civilizations use and manipulate spiritual energy. These subtle forms of energy abide by certain laws of nature, just as electromagnetism abides by certain laws. Spiritual energy can be manipulated by concentrated thought, which is how prayer and spiritual healing work.

There is a sea of this energy all around us. The ancient yoga masters called this energy Prana, the main source of which, in our system, is the Sun. The mind, with sufficient concentration, can focus this energy and direct it to a specific destination.  If one prays for world peace, for example, this energy is first accumulated within our aura from the Sun through the atmosphere. It is then conditioned by our concentrated thought and given a direction to create peace on our world. Unfortunately, most on earth are not well versed in the use and control of spiritual energy. There are, however, many techniques and practices that can be learned by one seeking to become more proficient in this, as fortunately there is now a greater desire to learn such methods than ever before. The Aetherius Society offers some of the best spiritual development exercises available today.

Spiritual Energy can also be focused and manipulated using machines. The fledgling sciences of radionics and shape power do just that. On the more advanced planets, these sciences are very evolved. One example of shape power on earth is the Great Pyramid of Giza. In world missions performed by the Great White Brotherhood and The Aetherius Society, such as Operation Sunbeam, the spiritual energy manipulated is so great and the destination so focused that radionic equipment must be used.

 Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The other course of action available for the earthman who passes through the portal of Ascension is to become a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, also known as the Great White Brotherhood. These advanced Masters have decided to stay back on earth rather than progress to higher civilizations in order to more actively help the rest of mankind evolve. These highly evolved spiritual beings sacrifice greatly to stay and help their lesser-evolved brothers. Much has been written about the Great White Brotherhood over the centuries. Not all of it is accurate, in part because they have been limited by how openly they could work due to mankind’s negative karmic pattern. These advanced beings currently live beneath large mountains in hollowed-out structures called retreats. Some of these retreats have become well known, and strange phenomena have been seen in their vicinity. Such places as the Andes, the Himalayas, the Tetons, Luxor, Egypt, Mount Shasta and Mount Kilimanjaro are amongst the best known.

 Other Realms

In between lives an individual inhabits the other realms. These realms have been written about for centuries – heaven and hell to the Christian and Lokas to the Buddhist. More recently there has developed a popular area of study called “near death experiences.” People who have had near-death experiences report meeting with deceased friends and relatives in another world, before they come back to their physical bodies. When their consciousness moves briefly into their subtle body, they can see others in subtle bodies living on the subtle planes of earth.

Following the death of the body, the consciousness inhabits a more subtle body. This subtle body is a part of one’s aura while still living in a physical body on the physical realm. The subtle body is still physical, yet of a quicker vibration than the physical body. Once the physical body dies the consciousness is housed solely in the subtle body. At this time the individual begins to live on the other realms of earth. He will interact with others on those realms. It is possible that certain very sensitive people on the physical realm who are sufficiently clairvoyant can contact him. However, the connection to the physical realm is largely severed for a number of years. During this time the individual continues to grow and learn. The personality is retained. He will remember life on the physical plane and will recognize friends and relatives from his physical life that he meets on the other realms. The individual’s lessons are different on the other realms yet are still molded by his karmic pattern.

There are many realms around earth. Some of these realms are similar to the physical realms, others dark and rough, known as the lower realms or the hells, and others very spiritual and uplifting, known as the higher realms or heavens. The karmic pattern created by the sum total of one’s thoughts and actions will determine which realm one goes to at death.

Then, when the time is right and according to one’s karma, the individual is reborn onto the physical realm into another life of essential experiences. These experiences are specially prepared to help the individual to learn the lessons needed to evolve beyond his existence in an earth body.

 Other Worlds

The final initiation on earth is known as Ascension. Once a life stream passes through this portal, he chooses one of two courses of action. He can either remain on earth as a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and help mankind or he can proceed to a higher classroom in a more evolved civilization. These higher classrooms exist on other planets in our solar system and beyond on higher realms. As the beings upon these planets, known as Cosmic Masters, have evolved past the need for rebirths, they are able to exist on any one of the levels of vibration, or other realms, in their physical bodies. They choose the higher realms because it is easier to invoke and manipulate the higher energies there.

Because the beings upon the other planets are more evolved, these planets, unlike earth, were able to pass through their initiations and heighten their vibrations without harming those living upon them. In fact, when the inhabitants are sufficiently advanced themselves, the quickened vibrations of the planet can be of great benefit to the inhabitants.

On these advanced worlds the individual continues his study of karma, the manipulation of spiritual energy, and the advanced sciences. He learns how to help other lesser-evolved beings or civilizations evolve. This type of study and growth continues through several levels of planetary existence and lasts for millions of years, for one still has a long way to go. Most of our religious founders have been Cosmic Masters from other worlds who have come to earth, taking on an earth body for a life, bringing to our civilization essential teachings of the laws of God. Shri Krishna, Lord Buddha, and the Master Jesus were three such beings. There were others as well. The three examples I have mentioned took on earth bodies in order to manipulate our karmic pattern. Most often the advanced beings from other planets come and do their works unseen by man. This is due to the necessities of our rather difficult karmic pattern.

Such interplanetary visitors to earth have increased at this time because of the impending changes and humanity’s great need during this transitional period.

 The Sun and Beyond

The Mother Earth, as great and evolved as she is, is still a long way from the end of the path. These are the awe-inspiring thoughts contained within the Cosmic Concept. Everything is alive, sentient, and evolving. The Sun, the double stars, the nebulas, the comets, the galaxies, the galactic systems – it goes on and on and on. The black holes, the neutron stars, the quasars – are all alive, are all evolving back towards the Absolute, are all part of the Absolute, are all connected.

This cosmic paradigm opens up tremendous new vistas of thought for it allows one to live and experience life more fully, more completely. We can walk outside on a warm summer night and observe the crescent moon conjunct to a bright and sparkling Venus. Our mind can then expand to dwell upon the vastness of the Universe, the vastness of the Absolute, and to remember that we are indeed a part of the magnificent whole. As evolution is inevitable, we will, in fact, one day visit distant planets, learning through fantastic experiences and helping others less evolved than ourselves. Indeed, one day we will even become a part of such evolved Beings.

For a comprehensive outline of the soul's journey through evolution, please see The Nine Freedoms.



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